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Inside the CivVic Labs Transport Access Cohort


Two startup founders brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard.

CivVic Labs startups are working on new ways to make public transport more accessible in our latest challenge with Department of Transport.

The cohort spans everything from an autonomous robot that seamlessly aligns and docks with doors on trains, to a mobile app that helps blind and low vision passengers hail and stop buses.

The ten teams have secured $15,000 in equity-free funding, and will now work through a six-week design sprint to test their ideas with the Department of Transport and Victoria’s transport operators.

At the end of the program, two startups will be awarded an additional $35,000 in seed funding to continue developing their solutions, supporting the 1 in 5 Victorians impacted by a disability.

DHI-AI Co-Founders Harsh Joshi, Kenn Rodrigues and Hannah Fraser

The startups through to the latest round are:


Button allows users to hail a bus from a bus stop and enable users to activate the stop button while the bus is in motion, all from their mobile device.

Founded by Jason Woelfl


A platform providing precise, instant information and support that is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of users.

Founded by Ashish Manchanda and Hakeem Quadri

City Connect

A source of real-time PTV updates to passengers and operators.

Founded by Kuldeep Jangid and Saumya Mutneja


Developing a solution that will allow customers to ask situational specific questions that will return answers relevant to the customers.

Founded by Harsh Joshi, Kenn Rodrigues and Hannah Fraser

Unnamed Project

Jessica is developing a multilingual chat-bot designed to democratize information accessibility in public transport systems.

Founded by Jessica Pietsch


Mentrell are helping those with a disability report feedback on their experience of public transport.

Founded by Ali Kafaei and Harmohit Singh


A universal smart parking and charging system for light electric vehicles that will benefit Mobility Vehicle Users.

Founded by Al Reid


An AI-powered navigation app, which offers personalized journey planning and interfaces tailored to individual user requirements.

Founded by Arian Sohi and Mahsa Azimzadeh


An autonomous mobile robot that seamlessly aligns and docks with doors on trains, buses, and trams.

Founded by Damien Irving and Jay Davey


A middleware platform to help update how transport data is shared.

Founded by Brett Werner


City Connect Co-Founders Kuldeep Jangid and Saumya Mutneja

About the Challenge

The current challenge with DTP focuses on making access to the public transport network equitable for all passengers, particularly those impacted by blindness, low vision, deafness, mobility issues, and neurological or psychological disabilities.

In August 2023, DTP conducted extensive research into the customer journeys of people with disabilities using public transport, revealing significant challenges, including high time and cost penalties for travel, on-network stress points, and a lack of real-time community-level information sharing.

Over the next six weeks, CivVic Labs will offer an unparalleled opportunity for startups to work closely with DTP and relevant stakeholders, addressing these challenges and contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable public transport system.

Muunect Co-Founders Arian Sohi and Mahsa Azimzadeh