Meet the 10 startups teaming up with VicHealth for the next round of CivVic Labs - LaunchVic

Meet the 10 startups teaming up with VicHealth for the next round of CivVic Labs


Women-led startups are involved in 50% of the 10 startups through to CivVic Labs, in a new challenge exploring accessibility of community spaces with VicHealth.

The cohort spans everything from a platform to connect mobility aid users with accessible locations, to a mobile app streamlining ops for local sporting clubs and a reporting pathway to report safety incidents in community spaces.

Each team receives $15,000 equity-free funding and a place in a six-week design sprint in collaboration with VicHealth researchers and policy experts.

At the end of the program, two startups will secure a further $35,000 in seed funding to continue to develop their solutions.

The startups through to the latest round are:


Communiti is a community-first open consultation tool that aims to bring new technologies to community engagement teams, facilitating greater community cohesion and resilience.

Founded by Steven Germain & Daniel Ferguson


Perkable allows any local council, sports club, event organizer or local business to incentivize and reward the community for being active.

Founded by Kim Hoang

Pitch Up

A booking software for outdoor spaces & sporting facilities, helping councils and other organisations to make their spaces as easy to book as an Airbnb.

Founded by Thomas Clark, Tomas Turek & Michael MacDougall

Child Nation

Child Nation is an interactive platform that helps children and their families engage imaginatively with community spaces and helps space owners to engage young minds.

Founded by Jessica Wilson & Vanessa Fernandez

Deckle App

Deckle is a scavenger hunt-style app that helps organisations onboard younger Victorians into a new space and increase engagement and connections.

Founded by Lexon Li

EnAccess Maps

EnAccess Maps provides mobility aid users a platform to find and review accessible locations across Victoria.

Founded by Sabrina Leung


A visual insights map solution helping organisations quickly see how their space is performing based on feedback and insights from the community and help inform ongoing improvements.

Founded by Brett Carty-Salmon


Connect2Coach is a mobile application designed to streamline communication, enhance organisation, and optimise coaching practices within local sporting clubs.

Founded by Tomas Graca

One Disclose

A platform that helps Victorians to report issues with community or outdoor spaces that make them feel vulnerable or threatened, coupled with a reporting pathway that reduces friction in disclosing incidents to Victoria police.

Founded by Jacob Gooden, Leesa Gooden & Mohamad Ali


A software solution that takes the stress out of volunteering for sporting events. MemberClubTeams aims to makes volunteer management more intuitive, less time-demanding, and more engaging for your team.

Founded by Lang Qin & Jacqueline Saporito

*note: some startups may not have a website live yet

About the Challenge

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) CEO Dr Sandro Demaio said VicHealth is excited to collaborate with aspiring tech entrepreneurs, highlighting the invaluable opportunity partnering with LaunchVic and CivVic Labs again presents.

“We all want to see people across Victoria living happy and healthy lives, with access to safe community spaces where they can be active and connect. However, this vision is not the case for many, especially in lower-income areas. When we consider how the environment in which we live, work and play can impact life expectancy, it’s clear that change is needed.”

“That’s why we’re working with LaunchVic and CivVic Labs, exploring innovative ideas to improve outdoor spaces and community facilities and empower more Victorians to lead active and healthy lives. We can’t wait to see what groundbreaking solutions startups bring to the table as they work to dismantle both the physical and social barriers that stop Victorians from enjoying and accessing community spaces.”