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A new sidecar fund, the $1 million Hugh Victor McKay Fund, is now open for applications and will invest up to $200,000 into at least five early-stage startups in the next 12 months.

The fund is named after pioneering Victorian inventor Hugh Victor McKay, who patented the original combine harvester in the 1880s – widely credited as one of the most important agricultural innovations in recent history.

The Hugh Victor McKay Fund

Supporting women-led startups in victoria

Named after the founder of Australia’s first all-woman motor garage in the 1920s, the Alice Anderson Fund is a $10 million sidecar fund supporting women-led startups.

Our fund co-invests between $50,000 and $300,000 in early-stage deals put forward by investors to increase the funding pool available to Victorian women.

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Our Impact on the victorian startup ecosystem

The enterprise value of Victoria’s entire startup ecosystem (including startups, scaleups and unicorns) is now $91 billion – Victoria’s startup ecosystem is now the same size as Tel Aviv in 2016.

Melbourne’s early-stage Ecosystem Value has increased by 56 per cent in the past year  – up from $23.6 billion (AUD) to $36.9 billion (AUD).

Our Ecosystem
Startups Start Here

Every Great Success Story Started Somewhere

Startups Start Here is a new campaign from LaunchVic promoting the Victorian Startup Ecosystem, and the people and the place that makes it great.

Read the stories of Victorian founders and investors that have grown here.

Explore the ecosystem with our interactive startup map.

Startups Start Here