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Funding the startup infrastructure

LaunchVic drives the startup ecosystem by investing in organisations (service providers) that will deliver quality programs to support Victorian startups and investors.

We also partner with other departments and agencies to offer direct grants to founders in priority sectors.

If you have a question regarding LaunchVic funding, send us an enquiry using the form below.

Grants for Startups


Supporting Early-Stage AgTech Startups 

$50,000 grants for AgTech founders.

Timings for this grant round:

Grant Program launched:21 February 2023
Information Session:Thursday 2 March 2023 View the info session webinar
Upcoming Committee review dates:From July 1 2024

From September 1 2024

From November 1 2024

From January 1 2025

From March 1 2025

From May 1 2025
Assessment begins:        May 2023
Assessment timeline:Approximately 3 weeks
Closes:When all funds are fully allocated, or by June 30 2025
Announcement:Via the LaunchVic website


LaunchVic has again partnered with Agriculture Victoria to increase support for early-stage AgTech startups across Victoria by rapidly providing small amounts of working capital to help startups build capability and move to the next stage of growth.  

As well as providing funding to cover operating costs that build startup capability and growth for early-stage AgTech startups, the grant will provide access to business development services that will enable founders to access the best possible support and advice to build their businesses, grow jobs and support Victoria’s economic growth.    

View the Program Guidelines (v2.4 reissued 17 May 2024)

Watch the Information Session

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Unsolicited Proposals

In special circumstances, LaunchVic may accept unsolicited proposals for grants outside of its communicated grant rounds or its refunding of high-performing programs.

While we do not fund startups directly via unsolicited proposals, the programs we fund aim to provide the services needed to assist early-stage and scaling startups through their journey.

Any proposal received must meet the following principles:

  • Alignment with strategy: The proposal is strongly aligned with the LaunchVic Strategy.
  • Uniqueness: The applicant is uniquely placed to deliver the proposal.
  • Expertise: The applicant possesses the level of professional expertise required to deliver a successful outcome with minimal risk of failure.
  • Impact: The applicant has described an excellent program that has a genuine need by the target audience and will impact and benefit the Victorian startup ecosystem.
  • Need for funding: There is a credible need for LaunchVic funding.
  • Value for money: The program must be value for money.
  • Sustainability: The program has a pathway to sustainability, either by creating self-sufficiency or through supporting the startup ecosystem to be more sustainable.

Any proposal that does not meet all of these criteria will not be reviewed.

LaunchVic will endeavour to review all unsolicited proposals, and provide feedback, but is under no obligation to do so.

Any proposal considered appropriate for funding will undergo further assessment and due diligence in accordance with the process for all grants awarded by LaunchVic.

Any approved applicants must also undergo due diligence by LaunchVic.



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