Supporting Early Stage Startup Creation

Grants for Pre-Accelerator Programs

This grant round, including an extension to the application submission date and guidelines, are currently under review (updated 30 March 2020).

Indicative timings for this Grant program include:

Stage 1

Round Open: 11 March 2020
Online Information Session 1: 10:30am – 11:30am 24 March 2020 (postponed) 
Online Information Session 2: 2:00pm - 3:00pm 1 April 2020 (postponed)  

Round Closes: 10am 15 April 2020
Communications: to unsuccessful and applicants moving to Stage 2 by 22 April 2020

Stage 2

Due Diligence: Financial Reports and requested information due by 1 May 2020
Pitch Day: Tuesday 5 May 2020
Communications: to unsuccessful and applicants moving to Stage 3 by 29 May 2020

Stage 3

Contracting: Contract execution with recipients expected by 24 June 2020
Announcement: expected by 30 June 2020

The density of startups per capita is lower in Victoria relative to other comparative ecosystems. There are approximately 300 startups per million population compared to best practice of over 1,000 startups per million population. Low startup density inhibits the future growth of the local startup ecosystem and impacts the ability of the Victorian ecosystem to compete globally, including attracting and retaining quality talent and capital.

LaunchVic seeks to increase startup creation in Victoria by supporting quality Pre-Accelerator Programs to support Startup Entrepreneurs to establish early-stage startups, and therefore contribute to the growth of the Victorian startup ecosystem.

The objectives of this funding are to:

  • Support Startup Entrepreneurs by helping them bring their startup idea to life and create a MVP;
  • Increase the number of startups being created across Victoria; and
  • Increase the pipeline of quality startups entering Accelerator programs in Victoria.

LaunchVic is seeking to invest up to $250k per application for Pre-Accelerator programs to run for a minimum of 2 years. Applications must demonstrate strong startup education delivery experience. Applications from existing and new Pre-Accelerator programs will be accepted. Funds can be used for Operating Costs. 

If you have a question regarding this program, please email

Relevant questions will be posted on the website under the FAQs.

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