Grants for Pre-Accelerator Programs

Supporting Early Stage Startup Creation

LaunchVic originally released the Grant Guidelines on the 11 March 2020. The Grant Guidelines were re-issued on the 14 April 2020.

Press Release

Timings for this Grant program include:

Stage 1

Round relaunched: 14 April 2020
Online Information Session 1: 11:30am – 12:30pm 21 April 2020 (Online via Zoom) complete
Online Information Session 2: 10:30am - 11:30am 24 April 2020 (Online via Zoom) complete View here

Round Closed: 10am 8 May 2020
Communications: to unsuccessful and applicants moving to Stage 2 by 27 May 2020

Stage 2

Due Diligence: Financial Reports and requested information due by 3 June 2020
Virtual Pitch Day: Thursday 4 June 2020 (this date is subject to change) 
Communications: to unsuccessful and applicants moving to Stage 3 by 25 June 2020

Stage 3

Contracting: Contract execution with recipients expected by 17 July 2020
Announcement: Expected by 31 July 2020

This grant program was originally opened on the 11 March 2020 with the aim of increasing the pipeline of early-stage startups in Victoria. Since then the world has been in the grip of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has seen major impacts to our lives and the economy. This has required LaunchVic to make some changes to this grant round and alter its focus from increasing startup density to one where economic recovery is at the forefront and aspiring entrepreneurs with technology-based ideas are being given every chance for success.

Evidence from previous economic downturns illustrate that entrepreneurship can play a vital role in helping to drive recovery. Now more than ever it will be important that entrepreneurs looking to start their own startup have access to the best possible support, advice and networks to help them on their journey as they build new companies that will help to sustain our future economy. 

LaunchVic is seeking to invest up to $250k per application for Pre-Accelerator programs to run for a minimum of 2 years. Applications must have a delivery team that has strong startup education skills and must have previous experience delivering pre-accelerator or accelerator programs. Applications from existing and new Pre-Accelerator programs will be accepted. Funds can be used for Operating Costs. 

Changes have been made to the Grant Guidelines and grant application form. Please see the Change Register (pages 8-9) of the re-issued Grant Guidelines for the listed changes. If you have submitted or started a grant application, please review the re-issued Grant Guidelines to check your eligibility and the revised Key Assessment Criteria. You will need to amend your Grant Application form in SmartyGrants accordingly.

If you have a question regarding this program, please email

Relevant questions will be posted on the website under the FAQs. These questions were updated on 14 April 2020.

View the Grant Guidelines (re-issued 14 April 2020)

View a LaunchVic Pre Accelerator Grant Agreement Sample

Applications closed at 10am 8 May 2020