Round 9

Expert-in-Residences (EIRs) for Coworking Spaces

Opened: 3 August 2018

Assessment begins: 3 September 2018

Assessment timeline: approximately 6 weeks
(Note: please be aware that delays are expected during caretaker period)

Closes: when funds are fully allocated

Successful recipients announced: via the LaunchVic website

Caretaker Period: As the Victorian State election will be held on Saturday 24 November 2018 the Victorian Government will assume a caretaker role from 6:00 pm on 30 October 2018 until such time that the outcome of the election is known. 

As the state government’s agency responsible for the growth of the startup ecosystem, LaunchVic is required to adhere to caretaker conventions. This means that LaunchVic won’t be able to enter into new LaunchVic Grant Agreements (contracts) during the caretaker period. 

Applicants are advised it is possible that the caretaker conventions and outcome of the election may impact this program.   

Questions & Contact: Check out the FAQs if your question isn’t answered, please get in touch with the LaunchVic Grants team via email

This funding opportunity is specifically targeted at supporting LaunchVic to position Victoria as an internationally recognised startup ecosystem through enhancing capability and excellence in the Victorian startup community.

To achieve this, LaunchVic is seeking applications from coworking spaces seeking to provide access to experienced startup professionals (Experts-In-Residence or EIRs) to their resident startups and the broader Victorian startup ecosystem.

Coworking spaces are hubs of innovation where startups base themselves through their early growth phase for support, guidance and collaboration opportunities amongst other things. The purpose of this program is to support growth and learning opportunities for resident startups by attracting EIRs that will provide business guidance, mentorship and support for startups to improve their business capabilities. The program will favour EIRs with strong international experience and networks, and this is expected to support Victorian startups with global connections. The program is also expected to stimulate collaboration in and between Victorian coworking spaces.

Unlike previous LaunchVic funding rounds, this grant round will remain open until funding of $500,000 is fully allocated. LaunchVic will invest up to $25,000 per successful application to support travel, accommodation and program activities of EIRs where the length of the EIR program is 4 weeks or longer. Applications requesting more than $25,000 will be considered but must be high calibre.


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