Round 9

Expert-in-Residences (EIRs) for Coworking Spaces

Opened: 3 August 2018

Assessment begins: 3 September 2018

Assessment timeline: approximately 6 weeks 

Round Closes: 5pm 28 February 2019 (UPDATED 10 January 2019)

Successful recipients announced: via the LaunchVic website

Questions & Contact: Check out the FAQs if your question isn’t answered, please get in touch with the LaunchVic Grants team via email

This funding opportunity is specifically targeted at supporting LaunchVic to position Victoria as an internationally recognised startup ecosystem through enhancing capability and excellence in the Victorian startup community.

To achieve this, LaunchVic is seeking applications from coworking spaces seeking to provide access to experienced startup professionals (Experts-In-Residence or EIRs) to their resident startups and the broader Victorian startup ecosystem.

Coworking spaces are hubs of innovation where startups base themselves through their early growth phase for support, guidance and collaboration opportunities amongst other things. The purpose of this program is to support growth and learning opportunities for resident startups by attracting EIRs that will provide business guidance, mentorship and support for startups to improve their business capabilities. The program will favour EIRs with strong international experience and networks, and this is expected to support Victorian startups with global connections. The program is also expected to stimulate collaboration in and between Victorian coworking spaces.

LaunchVic will invest up to $25,000 per successful application to support travel, accommodation and program activities of EIRs where the length of the EIR program is 4 weeks or longer. Applications requesting more than $25,000 will be considered but must be high calibre.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Funding Recipients




Project Description


United Co.






Andre Eikmeier, Co-Founder of Vinomofo



Through this program, startups at United Co will have the opportunity to learn directly from the Co-Founder of one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies and an international leader in innovation, disruption and culture. Andre Eikmeier of Vinomofo will deliver workshops, weekly office hours and a major event over 1 month at United Co, a newly established coworking space in Fitzroy. Vinomofo launched in April 2011 from a little garage in Adelaide and has since grown quickly and profitably to a run rate of over $50m revenue, 450,000 members and a team of over 100. 

Eastern Innovation Business Centre


Dr. Zivit Inbar, Founder and CEO DifferenThinking



Since 2015 the Eastern Innovation Business Centre (EIBC) has been supporting startups and corporate innovators in Melbourne’s South-East and East to develop new products and services for commercialisation and providing opportunities to learn, exchange ideas and collaborate. 

The EIBC’s Expert-In-Residence (EIR) program will be delivered by Dr Zivit Inbar, CEO and Founder of DifferenThinking. Run over 6 weeks, the program will include events, workshops and mentoring on topics such as ICOs and crowd funding, VCs, angel investment, accelerator programs, trade missions and pitching skills.

The Commons

Oscar McLennan, Investor and Startmate Mentor


This Expert-in-Residence (EIR) mentoring program will be delivered by Oscar McLennan, Investor and Startmate Mentor at The Commons in Collingwood. Run over 3 months, small group or 1:1 mentoring sessions will be tailored and focus on the most significant challenges facing startups. Topics may include: investment readiness, telling your startup story, go-to-market strategy, product strategy, hiring and firing, user and sales growth, traction channels, business measurement and accelerator programs. 

Launching 3 years ago, The Commons has 4 locations and   supports over 500 residents with over 70% of businesses experiencing growth since joining and over half having collaborated together.


Happy Spaces






Ruy Lopes De Barros, Impact and Innovation Manager, Flying Rhino



Happy Spaces is a growing network of local community coworking spaces. With locations in Black Rock and Hampton supporting over 80 members, Happy Spaces focuses on cultivating collaboration, innovation and education in suburban areas. 

This Expert-in-Residence (EIR) program will be delivered by Ruy Lopes De Barros, Impact and Innovation Manager, Flying Rhino. Ruy has been working on innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil and abroad for a number of years. The program will be run over 3 months and include   talks, workshops and mentorship. There will also be a focus on facilitating global connections for members and the broader Victorian ecosystem.


One Roof Coworking




Kate Kendall, Founder and CEO of CloudPeeps



One Roof is Australia’s leading coworking space for women-led businesses. Home to 85 businesses totalling 155 members and an online community of 15,000+ One Roof is the home of community, support and innovation from its Southbank location. The One Roof Expert-in-Residence (EIR) program will be delivered by Kate Kendall, a global tech entrepreneur,   community builder, and advisor with a decade of experience. Kate founded investor-backed talent marketplace CloudPeeps, event-discovery platform The Fetch and Freelance Friday community. 

The EIR program will include a 12-week pre-accelerator startup pilot program for early-stage female founders. The program will help female founders launch products and position themselves for future accelerators and funding. The program will be open to members and the wider Melbourne founder community.