Round 8

Health Startup Sector

Opened: 10 May 2018

Closed: 10am AEST 5 July 2018 

Information Session 1: (Face to Face) 10am – 11am AEST Tuesday 12 June 2018 Completed 

Information Session 2: (Online) 10am – 11am AEST Wednesday 13 June 2018 Completed

Shortlisted applicants pitch session: Friday 3 August 2018 (changed from Tuesday 7 August 2018 on the 31.05.18)

Successful recipients announced: October 2018 

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LaunchVic’s eighth funding grant round focuses on leveraging Victoria’s key strengths in the health startup sector - including in medtech, biotech, pharma, health & ageing services and disability services (together, the ‘Health Startup Sector’). Through this round, LaunchVic will fund organisations to deliver accelerator and education programs that will further drive Victoria’s strengths and help position the State as a leading health startup hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

LaunchVic is seeking to invest:

• up to $1 million per application for Accelerator programs that run up to three years and are focused specifically on the Health Startup Sector (including medtech, biotech, pharma, health & ageing services and disability services). LaunchVic will accept applications for up to $3 million only if they are exceptional. LaunchVic would particularly welcome accelerators that are led by or partner with Victorian Hospitals as these provide more opportunities for innovation “pull” and validation of health startup problems. All applications must demonstrate strong startup, and preferably accelerator, experience; and

• up to $250,000 per application for founder and investor education services dedicated to the Health Startup Sector including (but not limited to): founder education programs on: commercial strategy; reimbursements; domestic, international regulatory environments and other programs; and investor education for angels focused on the Health Startup Sector.


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