Round 8

Health Startup Sector

Opened: 10 May 2018

Closed: 10am AEST 5 July 2018 

Information Session 1: (Face to Face) 10am – 11am AEST Tuesday 12 June 2018 Completed 

Information Session 2: (Online) 10am – 11am AEST Wednesday 13 June 2018 Completed

Shortlisted applicants pitch session: Friday 3 August 2018 (changed from Tuesday 7 August 2018 on the 31.05.18)

Successful recipients announced: October 2nd 2018 

Contact: Questions? Get in touch with us at LaunchVic Grants 

LaunchVic’s eighth funding grant round focuses on leveraging Victoria’s key strengths in the health startup sector - including in medtech, biotech, pharma, health & ageing services and disability services (together, the ‘Health Startup Sector’). Through this round, LaunchVic will fund organisations to deliver accelerator and education programs that will further drive Victoria’s strengths and help position the State as a leading health startup hub in the Asia-Pacific region.


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Funding Recipients

Flinders UniversityThe Victorian Medical Device Partnering Program
$2,005,100The Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) fuels the medical device innovation pipeline. As an ideas incubator, it delivers product prototypes aligned to identified global markets. It takes ideas from companies at all stages of their life cycle and turns them into investable technologies. MDPP has operated for 10 years in the South Australian medical device sector, this funding will allow the expansion of the current program to Victoria.

In partnership with Swinburne University of Technology, CSIRO, The University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT, Australian National Fabrication Facility and Biomedical Research Victoria, the Victorian program will support up to: 200 new ideas evaluated by the program leading to fast fail or rapid progress; 120 collaborative workshops that connect entrepreneurs and leverage expertise; 40 proof of concept, prototype or clinical/market validation projects completed with detailed market research reports; 20 new companies established; and 100 jobs created.
The Royal Melbourne Hospital
The Victorian Health Network Accelerator (VHNx)$995,120The Victorian Health Network Accelerator (VHNx) project is led by Melbourne Health, Potential(x) and the Health Round Table in partnership with Bendigo Health. The project consists of two centrally coordinated hospital accelerator programs: The Melbourne Health Accelerator (MHx) program delivered at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in 2019; and the new Bendigo Health Accelerator (BHx) program, delivered at Bendigo Hospital in 2020.

VHNx will provide a clear path for early-stage startups to access hospitals and engage with clinicians where both sectors will thrive in a shared and facilitated platform of networking and collaboration. 20 startups, who aim to solve identified healthtech problems, will be supported through the programs.
The ActuatorScaling Medtech innovation from Victorian hospitals$950,000The Melbourne-based Actuator is one of Australia's premier MedTech commercialisation initiatives. the Actuator partner with  hospitals across Victoria to drive clinically-led innovations and provide a pathway for hospital entrepreneurs and startups to access the Actuator accelerator and MedTech’s Got Talent programs.

The project consists of three programs: educational workshops, commercialisation bootcamps and hackathons for up to 450 hospital students, clinicians and staff; a pre-seed accelerator program for up-to 35 entrepreneurs; and the Actuator accelerator program for up to 40 startups. The Actuator will also provide a gateway for clinical professionals to become integrated into a healthcare-focused angel network.
Artesian Venture PartnersVictorian Angel Investor Education Project$250,000Artesian Venture Partners in collaboration with Decode System, The Actuator, Peak15 HealthTech and VentureCrowd will develop and deliver a range of targeted investor education workshops, webinars and community events focused on investing in Victorian healthtech startups within medtech, biotech, pharma, health & ageing services and disability services.  

Events and online sessions will target 500 potential and active angel investors, particularly clinicians, over 2 years. Through project partnerships, angels will be exposed to a pipeline of investible Victorian healthtech startups. The project will build a sustainable investor education platform which will continue to educate angels beyond the project.
Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA)HealthTech Export Strategies for Asia markets$250,000Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA) will provide a direct pathway to Asia for Victorian Health Startup founders and senior executives. This program is designed to build solid and real understanding of Asian market opportunities, risks and pathways. The 6 week program will be delivered 4 times and support 32 health startup founders/senior executives. The program focuses on healthtech export opportunities and challenges in Asia and will include: lectures, seminars, discussion groups; interactive sessions in areas such as IP protection strategy development; live webinars for regional participants; and mentoring. 
BioMelbourne NetworkHealthTech Reimbursement: Getting Paid in the USA$114,000Healthcare in the US is complex. This project brings US reimbursement experts to Melbourne to deliver masterclass modules to startup founders on US reimbursement strategy. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the critical topics of coding, coverage and payment, and the clinical and health economic data needed to demonstrate value in the US healthcare market. The program includes 3 masterclass modules and seminars. Selected participants will have a unique in-market experiential education opportunity to connect with providers, payors and partners in Medical Alley, a leading healthtech cluster in Minneapolis, USA. 
ANDHealthB.R.I.G.H.T Future for Digital Health Innovators$250,000This 2 year project utilises Planet Innovation’s proven BRIGHT Process framework alongside the digital health expertise of ANDHealth. This framework is taught through interactive workshops, including immersion with frontline clinicians, pharmaceutical companies and industry leaders, and transfers practical skills and re-usable models to help founders solve many commercial issues faced by early-stage digital health companies. The Project will combine ANDHealth’s network of digital health expertise with Planet Innovation’s unique innovation framework to provide tailored advice and thinking models to digital health startup founders and companies to reach successful commercialisation.