Round 5

Founder Education

This funding opportunity was designed to help position Victoria as an internationally recognised startup ecosystem, by educating the Victorian founder community in the areas they need it the most. 

This was a competitive grant round for shortlisted organisations who can deliver education programs on investment support and pitching to Victoria’s community of startup founders. 


Funding Recipients

Organisation & Program TitleCategoryFundingDescription
BioMelbourne Network
Going Global: Growth and Export Strategies for Healthtech
Export & Growth
$97,000BioMelbourne Network will support HealthTech founders of companies who have strategic intent to expand into global markets. The program will bring international experts to Melbourne, to deliver skills-based workshops on global regulatory, reimbursement, market access and commercialisation strategies, with a focus on key export markets in US, UK, EU, China and India.
Burch + Co  
Legal and Business Agreement Basics
Corporate Governance $219,700Burch + Co Lawyers will educate founders on the basic legal considerations through the lifecycle of a startup, including the responsibilities of being a founder and director and how to develop internal and shareholder agreements.
Catapult Business Accelerator 
The 7 Secrets To Success With Investors
Investment Support $228,625Catapult Business Accelerator will deliver an investor education program, providing deep insights into what gets investors on the founder’s side: the right time to connect with investors; building relationships and communicating with investors; financial forecasts; equity; pitching and networking. 
How To Tell The Story of Your Startup
Marketing Support$140,000Character will provide founders with practical, hands-on advice on how to tell the story of their startup. The program will equip them with the tools and templates they need to generate meaningful public relations and marketing results with a focus on brand story, stakeholder engagement and key communication messages.
Lean Products, Sustainable Businesses
Product Development$250,000Cogent will help founders build sustainable businesses through learning practical product design, development, and management taught by leading expert practitioners. 
Common Code
In Common: A program for people building companies around products and technology. 
Product Development$154,440Common Code will educate technical and non-technical founders on how to align their business goals to their technology asset, how to effectively communicate with a design and development teams and how to make informed technical decisions.
Execution = People + Culture + Leadership 
Personal Leadership & Development$185,000DifferenThinking will provide founders with the tools needed to develop their people, leadership and culture skills through all stages of the startup life cycle.
EM Advisory
Creating Investment Ready Startups
Investment Support$240,000EM Advisory uses tried and tested tools to help founders and their teams to create and test their thinking, so they become investment ready. Startups will finish the program ready to present to investors and clearly articulate a simple coherent investment thesis and go to market strategy. 
Innovation Bay
Founder Pathway to Investment
Investment Support$110,000Innovation Bay will equip early stage founders with the knowledge and tools to effectively craft an investment pitch, engage investors and understand the investment process. Founders will receive expert mentoring and an opportunity to present to Innovation Bay’s network of investors.
Customer Driven Innovation Program
Personal Leadership and Development$100,000Inventium will teach founders online a best-practice approach to innovation, based on science. It will help founders identify customer driven opportunities, learn tools to generate breakthrough solutions and make effective decisions and how to quickly and cheaply prototype ideas. 
Leadership Victoria
Start Leading
Personal Leadership and Development$175,000Leadership Victoria has expertise in leadership development that will shape participating founders into leaders for the long haul – for themselves, their current and future projects and for the whole community.
Marketing Entourage
The Startup Marketing Program
Marketing Support$208,300Marketing Entourage is aimed at providing founders with the essential marketing tools to build effective strategies to successfully go to market, stimulate growth, attract investment, scale or expand globally. 
Export & Growth Workshops
Export & Growth$234,600Onestack will help founders strategise and execute for growth and export, with experts challenging startups’ strategic and tactical plans to identify gaps and priorities.
Slingshot Accelerator
Startup B2B Sales Masterclass
Engaging Corporates$150,000Slingshot Accelerator will run startup B2B sales masterclasses, educating founders on processes, disciplines, and techniques required to facilitate sales discussions with business customers, then execute the sales.
Space Tank Studio
Bench to Business – A Product Development Training program for Hardware Startup Founders
Product Development$250,000Space Tank Studio will educate founders in design for manufacturing, IP protection, business and financial development and in Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) manufacturing technology for prototyping.
Startup Boardroom
Governance and Board Advisory for Founders
Corporate Governance$220,000Start-up Boards will educate founders on compliance, governance, organisation policy and process and bring a capacity building mindset to help them be more resilient and realise their potential through considering an advisory board.


More on the programs we've funded

Since March 2016 LaunchVic has funded 46 programs to ensure Victorian startup founders (and founders of the future) have access to the right knowledge and the right support networks to turn innovative ideas into flourishing global businesses.