Grants for AgTech Pre Accelerator Programs

Supporting Early-Stage AgTech Startup Creation

Timings for this Grant program include:

Stage 1

Round launched: 8 September 2021
Information Session: 22 September 2021 11am View the recording here
Round Closes: 27 October 2021 11am
Communications: to unsuccessful and applicants moving to Stage 2 by mid-November 2021

Stage 2

Due Diligence: Financial Reports and requested information due mid-late November
Virtual Pitch Day: Late November
Communications: to unsuccessful and applicants moving to the next stage early December
Contracting: Contract execution with recipients expected December
Announcement: Early 2022

Agriculture is a key sector of Victoria’s economy, employing 146,600 staff across 2020-21. The sector is vitally important to the Victorian economy and our future, however, changing conditions mean the sector needs to continually adapt. AgTech is a key driver to support adaptation of the agriculture sector, with the potential to provide farmers with the tools, data and knowledge to make more informed, timely on-farm decisions and improve productivity and sustainability.

AgTech can have a significant impact on Australia’s agricultural sector’s growth. The total value of the global AgTech market is expected to reach $22.5 billion by 2025 (an estimated growth rate of 150% from 2020). Despite Victoria having all the elements to be a national leader in AgTech, the sector is still small and immature, with AgTech startups accounting for less than 2% of total startups in Victoria.

This grant program aims to increase support for aspiring AgTech entrepreneurs by funding experts to deliver Pre-Accelerator programs. The Pre-Accelerator programs will play a pivotal role in growing the AgTech sector in Victoria, enabling new founders to access the best possible support, advice and networks to build new businesses that will help shape our future economy and grow jobs.

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