Victorian Angel Investor Education Project

  • Angel Investor Education

    Melbourne & Online

Artesian Venture Partners and Decode System are teaming up with some of Australia’s HealthTech leaders to develop and deliver a series of investor education workshops, webinars and community events focused on investing in Victorian HealthTech startups.

Who is it for?

Potential and active angel investors.

What will you learn?

Learn the fundamentals of angel investing, which will provide you with the confidence to make intelligent investment decisions in early stage HealthTech startups.

What is offered?

Face-to-face workshops, webinars, Q&A forums and community events. Face-to-face workshops will cost up to $300 per participant and up to $50 for webinars per participant. The Q&A forums and community events are free.

How to register

Registrations for the program are managed directly through Artesian Venture Partners’ online platform, Decode System. Follow the link below for programming and registration details.

Who is Artesian Venture Partners? 

Artesian Venture Partners (AVP) was established in 2008 as the venture capital business under Artesian Capital Management. AVP is one of Australia's largest and most active seed stage venture capital firms, managing $255M FuM in Venture Capital strategies in Australia and China with a focus on 3 key verticals - Clean Energy, AgTech and MedTech.  Artesian’s venture capital investment management strategy is to create co-investment funds with specialist partners such as accelerators, incubators, angel groups and universities. Artesian holds co-investment agreements, and runs dedicated venture funds, with two HealthTech Startup Sector accelerator programs in the Actuator and the Slingshot HCF Catalyst Program.

Decode System is Artesian’s data and networking platform that builds, maps, benchmarks, analyses and connects innovation ecosystems. Decode’s mission is to help ecosystems grow and become sustainable.