Startupbootcamp EnergyInc Pre Accelerator

The SBC EnergyInc program will include 10 early-stage startups taking their first steps to establish their company, define their solution and build their team. It leverages the SBC Digital Platform and provides a peer learning platform for early-stage startup founders. Participants will most likely be applicants who aren’t yet ready to join an Accelerator. They will be readied for future energy programs. This program is made possible via the NISA Grant.

The EnergyInc program will run for five months and will include a series of Founder workshops, access to SBC Digital Platform and attendance at selected EnergyNext and EnergyTech Hub events.

The one day Founder Workshops topics will be chosen by the Founders from our existing material covering:

  • - Building low-fidelity prototypes
  • - Customer Experimentation
  • - Metrics that Matter
  • - Why this startups? Vision, Mission and OKRs
  • - Corporate Setup for a Startup - tips and tricks
  • - Hiring your first staff
  • - Finding your first customer
  • - Your First Capital Raise - Friends and Family Capital

Visit the Startupbootcamp website for further information.