Governance and Board Advisory for Founders: By Startup Boardroom

One of the key foundations for successful startups is the ability for Founders to understand how to govern their company, and how to surround themselves with the right people to help them scale. Startup Boardroom helps companies discover their board potential, identify the ultimate board composition and expertise to help deliver maximum company performance.

Who is it for?

Founders looking to better understand how to build startup-friendly governance models.

What will you learn?

Through this program, founders will be educated on compliance, governance, organisation policy and process. These skills will enable innovation to scale for growth and empower startup boards to thrive in the new economy.

What is offered?  

This course will be offered in Melbourne and Regional Victoria and include an intensive workshop and supporting material. The workshops will also be live streamed. The course will be offered 12 times and is free.

How to book

Registrations for the Governance and Board Advisory for Founders course are managed directly through Startup Boardroom. Please follow the link below to register via their website, or sign up to a waitlist.  

Who is Startup Boardroom?

Startup Boardroom is a specialist non-executive search and advisory board firm created by two entrepreneurs, active non-executive board members and passionate advocates for diversity in business and the boardroom.