Startup B2B Sales Masterclass: By Slingshot

  • Engaging Corporates


Being a founder requires many skills, but one that’s often lacking in early stage startups is real experience and knowledge of more mature B2B Sales processes. This can often lead to founders struggling to get early traction with corporate customers, and waste time with ineffective sales engagements. This Masterclass is designed to quickly and effectively educate Startup founders on processes, disciplines, and techniques required to facilitate sales discussions with business customers, then execute the sales. 

Who is it for?

Startup founders and Startup Executives (CEOs, COOs, CTOs etc) looking to understand how to effectively engage with corporate partners.

What will you learn?

The masterclasses will be an immersive workshop covering the fundamentals of B2B solution sales including:

  • Identification and qualification of buyers;
  • Opening doors using a refined introduction and hook;
  • Needs analysis and questioning;
  • Matching back against needs;
  • Pre-closing and closing;
  • Objection handling.

What is offered?

The course includes a 2-day masterclass and your profile registered on CoVentured enabling connections with corporates. The course will be offered 3 times and is free of charge.

How to book

Registrations for the Startup B2B Sales Masterclass are managed directly through Slingshot. The next date is: 

  • Wednesday 20 - Thursday 21 March 2019

Please follow the link below to register via their website, or sign up to a waitlist.

Who is Slingshot?

Since 2012, Slingshot has been focused on educating and investing in startups, connecting them with corporates and taking them global. Slingshot has accelerated over 100 startups through the Slingshot program in the last 5 years. Slingshot has been delivering multi-year accelerator programs to local and global brands such as: HCF, Qantas, ING, Seek, Hudson and Lion. Slingshot has uncovered and matched hundreds of entrepreneurs with corporates to learn, execute and scale their startups in partnership together.