Reboot Your Business Masterclass

This free masterclass provides the tools and resources needed when considering the next steps in you startup. Delivered by BDO's Financial Educators, this masterclass will provide the information needed to successfully pivot, pause or exit your company in the next 6 to 12 months. 

What you will learn

  • What a genuine pivot looks like and how you can re-calibrate your assets to generate revenue in new and unique ways,
  • How to pause your business and how you can park your IP in escrow, protect your assets and plan the “long game” to improve your short term viability,
  • How to exit your company, discussing your options and obligations to maximise your financial return.

Who should attend

  • Founders who are looking to make a significant pivot within their company
  • Founders who are considering pausing their company and play the long game to improve your company’s short term viability,
  • Founders who are considering exiting their company via closure or sale, and want to understand their options and obligations.

Your privacy is paramount, so you have the option to join the masterclass anonymously. This is delivered completely online.

Masterclass dates

About BDO

BDO is one of Australia's largest associations of independently owned accounting practices. BDO’s Financial Educators are committed to helping startups become scalable, investable and saleable. 

Visit the BDO website for further program and registration information.