HealthTech Export Strategies for Asia Markets

  • Founder Education: HealthTech Export & Growth

    Melbourne & Online

Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA) will provide a direct pathway to Asia for Victorian healthtech startup founders and their senior executives. ACHA focuses on making health startups "Asia ready and connected". The Uprasia program is designed to build solid and real understanding of Asian market opportunities, risks and pathways. 

Who is it for?

Startup Founders and Startup Senior Executives (CEOs, COOs, CTOs etc)

What will you learn?

The Uprasia Program will be delivered by expert panel members and educators and will focus on topics specifically related to exporting healthtech (including biotech, medtech, digital healthtech and pharmaceuticals) into Asia, including: how health systems work across Asia, market access issues across Asia, FTAs and tariffs and investor and business culture in Asian markets. Founders will have the opportunity to visit markets in Asia including curated trips to innovation parks and precincts and business matching to pre-qualified investors.

What is offered?

The free program will be delivered over 6 weeks and offered twice a year over 2 years. The program includes:

- lectures, seminars, discussion groups specifically focused on healthtech export opportunities and challenges in Asia;

- interactive sessions in areas such branding and IP protection strategy development, as they relate to exporting;

- live webinars for regional participants; and


How to register

Registrations for the program are managed directly through ACHA. Find out more about programming dates and registration details via the link below.

Who is the Australian China Health Accelerator (ACHA)?

ACHA focuses on Health technologies and services and provides programs to make health startups, research institutes and health services "Asia ready and connected". It has an initial focus on China and ASEAN countries and will extend capability over time to other Asian regions. It has established and strong partnerships with established incubators and accelerators, hospitals and a wide range of health innovators in Victoria. ACHA is a recent initiative that has been built as an extension to the Australia China Association of Scientists and Entrepreneurs (ACASE).