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Flying Fox Ventures


Propelling Australian & New Zealand companies across the globe

Flying Fox Ventures (formerly Working Theory Angels) received funding through LaunchVic’s ‘Support For Angel Networks‘ funding round to establish a new angel network that provides its members with the competence and confidence to achieve best-in-class outcomes for themselves, the founders they back, and the ecosystem at large.

While industry agnostic, Flying Fox aims to back teams solving big problems in large markets that are undergoing macro shifts, with a preference for solutions that bring people together, improve everyday life, or address physical and environmental health.

Flying Fox has support from major Australian VC firms to partner in solving some of their biggest issues, including line of sight to seed stage companies, and providing a way for them to invest early and anonymously to avoid negative signalling risk.

The network aims to reach 25 members, and support over 8 investment deals with a cumulative investment of $2.15m over 2.5 years.

Visit the Flying Fox website for more information.