Execution = People + Culture + Leadership: By DifferenThinking

  • Personal Leadership & Development

    Melbourne & Regional Victoria

Successful startups are not only based on a good idea, but also on execution; which is based on people, leadership and culture. DifferenThinking’s program provides tools for founders and startups of New Venture Teams to develop their people, leadership and culture skills.

Who is it for?

First-time founders and team members new to the startup ecosystem.

What will you learn?

The program will equip startup founders and executives with people, leadership and culture tools and skills, skills that are crucial for successful execution, delivery and scalability.

What is offered?

The course includes 5 full day workshops/equivalent hours and 1-hour of 1:1 coaching. The course is free of charge

How to book

Registrations for the Execution = People + Culture + Leadership program are managed directly through DifferenThinking. Please follow the link below to register via their website, or sign up to a waitlist.

Who is DifferenThinking?

DifferenThinking’s services are focused on: founders’ development (coaching and leadership programs), building high performing New Venture Teams, selection of founders and key position holders to startups, developing lean people and culture infrastructure to support startups scalability and growth, conducting organisational diagnosis and implementing change plans to ensure startups are able to deliver.