Building Companies Around Products & Tech: By Common Code

Common Code work with businesses and founders that use technology as a vehicle for changing the world for the better. They are specialists in bespoke Web Development, Development Teams and Digital Product Design and strategy. 

Common Code received funding through LaunchVic's fifth funding round to deliver the 'In Common' program for founders who want to build skills for successful product development and effective management, specifically tailored to software development teams.

Through the program, participants learnt how to align business goals and trajectory with clear vision and effective communication, discovering how to foster cohesive design and development teams and learn how to make collaborative choices with other staff. The program content covered Strategy, planning & recruitment, Agile principles, Collaborative Design and Knowing your customer.

The course was delivered over 6 weeks, offering weekly two hour workshops and mentoring from Common Code experts. The course ran 6 times free of charge.

Funding for this program is now complete. 

Visit the Common Code website for future programs and opportunities.