Going Global: Growth and Export Strategies for HealthTech: By BioMelbourne Network

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The “Going Global” program will support healthtech founders of companies who have strategic intent to expand into global markets. 

Who is it for?

This program will suit healthtech founders and executives (CEOs, COOs, CTOs etc)  looking to access export and growth skills and knowledge, without the need for long-term time commitments.

What will you learn?

BioMelbourne will bring international experts to Melbourne to deliver skills-based workshops on global regulatory, reimbursement, market access and commercialisation strategies, with a focus on key export markets in the US, UK, EU, China and India. 

What is offered?

Each of the international market Modules comprises one introductory seminar event, one focussed market-access workshop and a 1:1 session for each participating company - taking place over a 4-day schedule in Melbourne. 

Also included is priority participation at BioMelbourne Network Entrepreneur Roundtable Lunches held throughout the year with local business leaders who have succeeded in taking products to global markets. Each of the 6 Going Global Modules will focus on a key export market and cost participants $500 + GST, and there is a discount for participation in multiple Modules.

How to book

This program has finished. For future programs please visit the BioMelbourne Network website.

What is BioMelbourne Network?

BioMelbourne Network is a not-for-profit membership association for organisations engaged in biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and health innovation in the State of Victoria.

Playing a critical role in connecting clinicians, researchers, finance and industry, BioMelbourne Network supports and promotes the growth of the sector’s infrastructure and facilitates the development and commercialisation of new drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies here in Melbourne.