What we do


While we don’t fund startups directly, our funding rounds target startup sector specialists who can deliver world-class education and support to Victorian startup founders and entrepreneurs.

So far, we’ve funded a number incubators, accelerators and mentoring, professional development and leadership programs to engage and support founders and entrepreneurs at every stage of their startup journey.

Community building

We want all Victorians to feel like they’re represented in the startup ecosystem in Victoria, and more Victorians to be a part of it.

We want to see more founders with big ideas and the potential for global reach; we want a strong investor community, we want to work with existing founders to ensure they have the best chance of success; and we want startups to be better connected to corporates.

Global recognition

To put Victoria on the map as an internationally recognised startup ecosystem, we need to leverage our strengths. With 1 in 5 startups in Victoria in Health and Wellbeing, our initiatives will support founders and entrepreneurs across the sector to create a critical mass of expertise, and global recognition for our startup community.