Board and Team

We are here for the big, ambitious ideas and the people willing to take a chance on them, we are here for the movers, shakers and barrier-breakers behind every successful startup, and we are here for our state.


  1. Catriona Larritt

    Executive Manager, Qantas Freight Enterprises

  2. Teresa Engelhard

    Director, Origin Energy & Wisetech Global | CEO & Founder, Stickytek


  1. Shane Morris

    Company Secretary & Internal Auditor

  2. Anna Camilleri

    Executive Officer

  3. Rebecca Rozencwajg

    Investment Manager, Alice Anderson Fund

  4. Kate Gittings

    GM, Communications & Marketing

  5. Katie Liddicoat

    GM, Stakeholder Engagement & Events

  6. Holly Clark

    Communications Lead

  7. Yshrael Pascual

    Social Media Manager