Board and Team

We are here for the big, ambitious ideas and the people willing to take a chance on them, we are here for the movers, shakers and barrier-breakers behind every successful startup, and we are here for our state.


  1. Catriona Larritt

    Executive Manager, Qantas Freight Enterprises

  2. Teresa Engelhard

    Director, Origin Energy & Wisetech Global | CEO & Founder, Stickytek


  1. Shane Morris

    Company Secretary & Internal Auditor

  2. Anna Camilleri

    Executive Officer

  3. Peter Goldsworthy

    GM, Startups

  4. Rebecca Rozencwajg

    Investment Manager, Alice Anderson Fund

  5. Al Gibb

    Government Engagement Manager

  6. Josh Lipscombe

    Community Programs Lead

  7. Kate Gittings

    GM, Communications & Marketing

  8. Holly Clark

    Communications Lead

  9. Yshrael Pascual

    Social Media Manager

  10. Danielle Roberts

    Coordinator, Regional & AgTech

  11. Jacinta Haikal

    Assistant Accountant and Business Partner

  12. Mark Knobel

    Marketing Campaigns Manager