Support For Regional Victorian Startup Entrepreneurs EOI FAQs

Updated 28 June 2022

What is the area code range for “regional” Victoria? Regional Victoria includes 48 regional and rural council areas across Victoria that are covered within the five regions of Barwon South West, Gippsland, Grampians, Hume and Loddon Mallee. Programs in Metropolitan Melbourne are not eligible for this EOI.


Updated 23 June 2022

1. Can I clarify that a startup is only defined if it receives support from LaunchVic-funded services? We define startups as technology driven businesses, regardless of whether or not the startup has received any support from LaunchVic-funded programs.

2. What is the total funding pool for this round? How many successful applicants are you looking to fund? This will ultimately depend on the number of high-quality applications and the type of applications received.

3. We are an existing pre-accelerator program but not funded by LaunchVic. Are we eligible to apply? Yes, applications are open to new and existing programs regardless of whether they have received any funding from LaunchVic.

4. We are creating an accelerator program in addition to a pre-accelerator program and applying for LaunchVic’s World Class Accelerator Program Grant Round. Are we still eligible? Yes, you are welcome to apply under multiple funding rounds at the same time.

5. Can a research team in a university in Victoria apply for a grant for their commercial trial by establishing a startup? We’re not looking to fund startups through this round, but if you are looking for funding for a program to help support startups to establish in regional Victoria, you are eligible to apply.

6. Are the RFP details available yet? The RFP details will be made available to successful EOI applicants following notification of the outcomes in the week commencing 1 August 2022.

7. Could a proposed program cover all of regional Victoria or are you looking for local programs only? We want to hear from you what you think is needed, whether this is a local program or across all of regional Victoria. In your proposal, you will need to demonstrate how your program addresses the diverse needs of each of the regional communities identified, a strong delivery team to run the program, and you need to demonstrate strong relationships within the communities where the programs will be delivered.

8. Is an application going to be stronger if it includes both programs and a pre-accelerator rather than just one element? We’re looking for programming that will increase activities and support regional startup ecosystem development in regional areas. We know that community building is one of the greatest ways of encouraging ecosystem development, and we want to see more opportunities for entrepreneurs to access a startup community. If you are planning to include both programs and a pre-accelerator, we also want to see how these programs complement one another to help grow your local startup community.

9. When you talk about being “technology based”, would that include a project that that uses a lot of technology such as advanced manufacturing? Or does it have to be a technology output such as a software or hardware? It can be either, as long as the startup is leveraging technology in some format to scale.

10. Will local, bottom-up, community-led applications be looked upon more favourably (carry more weight) than the usual few non-local providers who travel from outside the regions? This will depend on the delivery team, and their connections to the local community. We want to see programs that have a strong delivery team with strong connections in the communities where the program will be delivered.

11. I'm working in a startup, how do I find about grant recipients and/or organisations who are applying for funding in this grant round and are located in my region? All of the successful grant recipients from this round will be announced publicly and listed on our website following announcement. Alternatively, please feel welcome to reach out to us on and we can help connect you with organisations in your region.

12. Our service provides grant support to incubators, accelerators etc. Being a niche service provider, we’re typically not the lead applicant. Is there a register or directory to let lead applicants know of service providers like us to add value to their initiatives/applications? We encourage accessing general business directories to find organisations that may be interested in your services.

13. Our program is focused on advanced manufacturing start-ups/product-oriented startups that have intention to manufacture in the region. This reduces the scope to increase number of participants per cohort. How important is to have high number of participants per cohort? The number of participants per cohort will depend on the programming being proposed. In describing the delivery and outcomes of the program, you need to demonstrate the value of the proposed programming to the participants.

14. How are sector-specific programs viewed in growing the local ecosystem? Is a strong connection with the startup community and other programs viewed in a positive light? Strong connections with the regional startup community you’re proposing to support are indeed viewed favourably. In terms of sector-specific programs, we want to see that you understand what your local community needs - and this may be sector-specific programs.

Has LaunchVic supported any incubator programs in the Wimmera Southern mallee? A full list of programs we have supported can be found here:


Updated 23 June 2022

1. What kind of programs are you looking to fund? We want to hear from you what your local community needs. Examples of successful activities that have been delivered in regional areas include meetups, hackathons and pre-accelerators, but we want to hear from you about what your ecosystem needs.

2. How many startup entrepreneurs should the program support? This is dependent on the applicant’s proposed program, but the number of startup entrepreneurs the program will be supported should be outlined in your application. The assessment committee will review how many startup entrepreneurs are proposed to be supported against the funding requested and the quality of the program.

3. Can you please share with us what success will look like for this program? We want to support programs that will see increased support for local startup entrepreneurs that will help grow local startup ecosystems. In the long term, success is based on a program producing more highly successful regional-based startups.

4. Is it possible to have more than one submission? It is possible to submit more than one application, however, it is strongly recommended that you focus on one outstanding application that shows how you and your team can strengthen the ecosystem rather than multiple applications.

5. Are we eligible for this round of funding if LaunchVic has already funded one of our programs? Yes

6. Can a Local Council contract with a third party to deliver the program? Yes, successful Local Councils will be able to contract a third party to deliver the program.

7. Does our local government area need to have an established startup ecosystem with successful startups to be eligible for LaunchVic funding? No – This funding round is for new and existing regional startup ecosystems looking to grow their local communities.

8. Can I speak to someone at LaunchVic to discuss my proposal? LaunchVic is not offering calls or meetings for applicants under this grant program based on our probity policy – operating under a fair and transparent process for all applicants. However, if anything is unclear in the program guidelines or you are unsure if you are eligible to apply, please contact us via email on We generally respond to emails within 48 hours during the working week.


1. Is there an advantage in providing matched funding? Does the lead applicant need to have matched funding? Cash and/or in-kind contributions are not required for this funding program. If you do have partner contributions, letters of support are not required for the EOI, however, will be required through the RFP should you be successful.

2. Are there restrictions on what type of partner organisations can provide contributions? Contributions are welcome from a variety of partners and institutions, which can include government, university and research organisations, and commercial or other parties, who support the proposed project. Letters of support are not required for the EOI, however, will be required through the RFP should you be successful.

3. Do the cash / in-kind contributions need to add up to a similar ‘value’ as being requested? No, however, LaunchVic is very much in favour of higher levels of contributions.