Round 9 Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is this grant only available to coworking spaces? Coworking spaces are hubs of innovation where startups base themselves through their early growth phase for support, guidance and collaboration opportunities amongst other things.

The purpose of this program is to support growth and learning opportunities for resident startups by attracting EIRs that will provide business guidance, mentorship and operational support for startups, improving their business capabilities.

2. What credentials are required from the EIR? Applicants are required to provide details of the proposed EIR that may include details on  their previous roles, relevant experience, including if they have experience as an EIR elsewhere, and the relevance to your coworking space.

3. Does my EIR have to be from overseas? No, however international experience will be looked upon favourably. We expect EIRs to be internationally recognised and have a strong value proposition.

4. Do the EIRs have to be based at one coworking space? You can apply with more than one coworking space, however there must only be one lead applicant. You can enter details on the partners in the application form.

5. Will you contract with two coworking operators? No. We will only contract with one organisation.

6. Can I apply more than once? Yes, it is possible to submit more than one application, however we strongly recommend you focus on one outstanding application that clearly demonstrates your program and what you’re hoping to achieve.

7. I operate multiple coworking spaces, can I combine my applications? Yes, indicate this in the partners section of your application.

8. Can applications request more than the $25,000? Applications requesting more than $25,000 will be considered but the Expert-in-Residence must be high calibre.

9. Are regional coworking spaces able to apply? Absolutely.

10. Do you have a recommended list of EIRs to choose from? To remain agnostic, LaunchVic has no preference to who the EIR is, as long as they meet the selection criteria identified in the guidelines.

11. Is our EIR required to only focus on our coworking space, or are they able to offer services to the broader ecosystem? Programs that are open to the broader startup ecosystem are encouraged, as LaunchVic is focused on building capacity for the whole ecosystem. However, applications should focus on the program for the coworking space.

12. Can the EIR be contracted to multiple coworking spaces for different programs at the same time? Unless it is part of the one application, to fairly distribute resources EIRs will not be able to be contracted to different coworking space at the same time.

13. Is LaunchVic looking for specific types of EIRs to target a particular focus area? We are not specifically looking for a specific sub-sector focus of experience.

14. How many applications will be funded? This depends on how many projects we get that fit with the strategic direction of LaunchVic and the focus of this funding round. There is funding available for up to 20 programs.

15. When will I know if my application is successful? From the date of submission, applicants should expect to receive the outcome in approximately 6 weeks. (Updated 10 January 2019)

16. Who are the external assessors? LaunchVic has identified leaders from the startup ecosystem who are well connected and have experience across multiple verticals, in both local and international startup ecosystems.

17. What does success look like for this program? Success is based on the program providing high-quality and relevant mentorship, guidance and/or event programs that will enhance the knowledge, experience and skill level of startup founders and employees.

18. Are there limitations to how many EIRs we can appoint to our coworking space at a time? No, however additional funding will not be allocated for extra people.

19. Are there restrictions to what our EIR is able to do? As outlined in the guidelines, the EIR program must deliver support services for Victorian startup founders, executives and teams working in a launched startup. These can be delivered in the form of educational, mentoring, events or recruitment activities.

20. Over what time period should the EIR program run in our coworking space? Applicants are required to propose a start and end date. Programs are required to run for at least 4 weeks. Anything less than 4 weeks is not eligible.

21. Am I allowed to use the funds to pay for my EIRs travel? Yes. All travel (accommodation, flights etc) must be outlined in the budget via the online application form. Travel must be in accordance with the Victorian Government travel policy available here.

22. We’re a makerspace with multiple hardware startups operating in our space, are we eligible to apply? Makerspaces are not eligible to apply under this funding round.

23. Does the entrepreneur need to be 'in residence' for days or weeks?  Or can we set up weekly visits for the entrepreneur to visit/run workshops/speak/stay for an afternoon/meet and mentor people? There are no exact requirements on how much time they spend. Your application will be assessed on the proposed program and what you believe your coworking space (residents) will benefit most from the residency. 

(Q&A added 16 August 2018)

 24. Can the funding cover the hourly rate of an employee to run this program for us?  eg liaise with the EIR, do the comms, set up the workshops etc? Yes, a portion of the funding can cover management of the program. A maximum of 10% of the grant can be allocated to this expense.

(Q&A added 16 August 2018)

25. I’m an experienced startup professional with a great EIR program, can I apply under this round? To be eligible for funding, the lead applicant needs to be a Victorian Coworking Space. We recommend you connect with a coworking space. A number of coworking spaces can be found here.

(Q&A added 10 January 2019)

26. I am a current LaunchVic Grant Recipient, can I be an EIR for a coworking space? Staff or founders from LaunchVic grant recipient organisations are not excluded from being EIR’s. They must however have the capacity to fulfil all requirements of their LaunchVic grant/s and fulfil the Round 9 eligibility criteria to be an EIR.

(Q&A added 11 January 2019)


1. What do you define as a coworking space? LaunchVic defines a startup  coworking space as a shared office format where multiple startups can rent or be allocated desks at which to host their business, within the same office area.

2. What do you define as a startup? LaunchVic defines startups as businesses with high impact potential, that use innovation and/or address scalable markets.