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The Alice Anderson Fund

The Alice Anderson Fund is a $10 million angel sidecar fund that co-invests in women-led startups with private sector investors.

The fund will invest between $50,000 and $300,000 in woman-led startups, co-investing in funding rounds with private sector investors at a 1:3 ratio.

This will result in LaunchVic holding a maximum 25% stake of a funding round. For example, if a start-up currently has commitments of $600,000, LaunchVic would invest $200,000 through the Alice Anderson Fund to bring the total round size up to $800,000.

Named in honour of one of Victoria’s great women entrepreneurs, the Alice Anderson Fund will support up to 60 women-led startups over the next three years and unlock up to $40 million in early-stage capital.

Applications are now open to local and international investors.

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The Alice Fund

For Investors

The fund is open to local and international Angel Networks, Early-Stage VCs, Family Offices and individual investors. You must be a sophisticated investor or hold a valid AFSL license, and operate independently from the startup.

The Alice Fund

For Startups

Investors apply on a Founder’s behalf for this opportunity. Our investment is structured so that only 85c in the dollar is taken as equity, and the rest will be given as a non-dilutive grant to the startup*. This gives our women-led startups an extra upside.

Building on Alice’s legacy

The fund is named in memory of Alice Anderson, a pioneering mechanic and entrepreneur who founded Australia’s first all-women motor garage in Kew in 1919. At just 19 years old, Alice not only built a thriving business in a newly emerging industry, she also employed an all-women crew and ran popular classes to educate women in this new technology. Alice was part of a generation who conceived of women's advancement through economic and professional equality; a goal that our fund will continue to support Victorian women founders to achieve.

*some conditions apply – see FAQ for further details.

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