Round 6 Grant Funding

Supporting Local Council Startup Communities
 - Program Guidelines (Round Open)

Date of issue: Friday 8 December 2017
Closing date: 10:00am Thursday 22 March 2018
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LaunchVic Overview

LaunchVic was established in 2016 with support from the State Government of Victoria to support the development and growth of the local startup ecosystem. LaunchVic’s goals are to encourage greater engagement of Victorians in the local startup community and position Victoria as an internationally recognised startup ecosystem.

LaunchVic commissioned KPMG to develop a Startup Guide and Toolkit for local government to help local councils and community organisations to drive entrepreneurship and the growth of local startup ecosystems. The report is available here and has been developed through consultation with key local government stakeholders. The Guide aims to provide tools and resources to equip Local Councils to strategically support and develop their local startup communities.

Round 6 Grant Funding Program: Overview & Objective

LaunchVic’s sixth funding round focuses on increasing diversity and inclusion by supporting local councils to improve access and participation in the startup ecosystem across Victoria.

This funding program complements the Startup Guide and Toolkit by providing councils with an opportunity to secure funding to implement programs and activities set out in the Startup Guide and Toolkit at a local level.

LaunchVic is looking to invest in Victorian Local Councils, especially in regional and outer metro areas, to deliver programs and activities that address stages 1 and 2 of the startup framework. Please refer to page 14 of the Startup Guide and Toolkit for Local Government.


LaunchVic is seeking to invest up to $100,000 per Local Government for 1 year programs. Consortia proposals leveraging existing partnerships with two or more councils will be considered favourably and may exceed the $100,000 cap.


Please refer to the glossary section of the Startup Guide and Toolkit for Local Government, located in the Appendix, for key definitions.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted through the LaunchVic online application system. Applicants will need to provide information on their organisation, the project and address eligibility and key assessment criteria. Applicants will also need to read and submit the declaration at the end of the application. Applicants can download a preview of the application form via the online system before starting a submission. Basic details are required to register via the SmartyGrants system before applying, click on the link here to get started. Applications can be started and saved.


Applications must be submitted via the LaunchVic online application system by the due date and time, 10:00am AEDT Thursday 22 March 2018. Applications will not be accepted after this date and will not be accepted outside of the LaunchVic online application system.

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and address eligibility criteria via the LaunchVic online application system:

1. Type of Organisation

The lead organisation must be a Local Council/Government in the State of Victoria.

2. Startup Checklist

The lead organisation must complete the Startup Ecosystem Checklist from the Startup Guide and Toolkit for Local Government.

3. Project Focus

The types of projects that are eligible under Round 6 grant funding must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The project must primarily benefit Victorian startup entrepreneurs and/or startups; AND
  2. Focus on Stages 1 and 2 of the Startup Framework. Examples include: meetups, mentoring programs, hackathons, bootcamps, workshops and makerspaces. Please refer to the Startup Framework section of the Startup Guide and Toolkit for Local Government.

Projects that support small businesses are not eligible to apply for funding under this round.

Project & Applicant Details

Applicants must include the following project details: project title, project summary, project start and end dates, requested funding amount. Applicant contribution (cash and/or in-kind) and any partner contributions (cash and/or in-kind) NB: not mandatory.

LaunchVic is specifically looking to invest in Local Councils that will deliver programs and activities that address stages 1 and 2 of the startup framework under Supporters & Enablers, Infrastructure (physical) and Infrastructure (soft):

  • Meet-ups
  • Mentoring programs
  • Hackathons
  • Masterclasses
  • Bootcamps
  • Workshops
  • Makerspaces
  • Community centres
  • Coworking spaces

NB: Applicants proposing Soft Infrastructure projects and makerspaces are encouraged.

Applicants must include the following applicant details: lead organisation details (ABN, address, website, social media), key contact (name, position, email, phone), secondary contact (name, position, email, phone) and any partner details (if applicable).

Key Assessment Criteria

Applicants will be required to address the following via the online application form. Please preview the application form via the LaunchVic online application system for the word count and exact requirements.

1. Startup Ecosystem Checklist Upload your completed checklist outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your local startup ecosystem and identifying key gaps and opportunities that this project aims to address.
2. Project Overview & Impact a) Outline the proposed activity/activities from Stages 1 and 2 of the Startup Framework. Please refer to the Startup Framework section of Startup Guide and Toolkit for Local Government.

b) Outline the proposed project and how it will drive startup entrepreneurship in your local area.
3. Project Resourcing Tell us how you resource this project. For example, do you have existing expertise within your organisation or partner organisation to project manage and/or deliver the program, or do you plan to contract/hire appropriately qualified people?

4. Measures of Success Outline the measures of success and success metrics for the project. Provide figures on how many startup entrepreneurs and/or startups the program will support.
5. Funding Provide details on the following:

a) Funding amount requested

b) Cash and/or in-kind contributions by the lead organisation. NB: not mandatory

c) Cash and/or in-kind contributions by any partner organisations (ie community partners and/or other councils) NB: not mandatory.

Applications with cash and/or in-kind contributions will be looked on more favourably.

NB: Partnerships between local government and community organisations are welcome, and consortia including multiple councils will be viewed favourably. If partner funding contributions are included, letters of support that commit funding must be provided to be considered.
6. Budget Applicants must enter income (cash) and expenditure of the project via the online budget form.

Assessment and Selection

All applications will be assessed for eligibility by LaunchVic. Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not be assessed.

Eligible applications will be evaluated against the Key Assessment Criteria by an “Assessment Panel” (comprising at least two LaunchVic staff and at least one representative from the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources) and a subcommittee of the LaunchVic Board, the “Grants Committee” (comprising at least two Board Members). LaunchVic may at its discretion appoint external members to the Assessment Panel.

Following a due diligence process, the Grants Committee makes a recommendation for funding to the LaunchVic Board. This may include a recommendation to negotiate program outcomes with applicants. LaunchVic may enter negotiations with shortlisted applicants to refine project proposals.

Funding outcomes are ultimately determined by the LaunchVic Board and their decision is final.

Successful applicants will be required to enter a contract with LaunchVic and provide project reporting and/or evidence of project progress to receive payments under agreed milestones.

All applications are made at the applicants’ own cost and will not be reimbursed, whether the application is successful or unsuccessful.


The following provides guidance on the approximate timings for the Round 6 Grants Program. Please note that there may be updates to timings recorded via the LaunchVic website during the round. The second information session will be a repeat of the first information session.

  • Funding round open: Friday 8 December 2017
  • Information session: 10:00am – 11:00am Tuesday 30 January 2018 (Register)
  • Information session: 10:00am – 11:00am Thursday 15 February 2018 (Register)
  • Funding round close: 10:00am Thursday 22 March 2018
  • Successful recipients announced April/May 2018

Contact us

If you have a question about the funding round or require assistance, please contact the LaunchVic Grants Team