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Zeller started here

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29 Mar 2023 by LaunchVic News

Ben Pfisterer, cofounder, Zeller

After setting up the payments company Square in Australia and running the business for a number of years, Ben Pfisterer was ready for his next move. With his experience in the fintech space, it was easy for him to see that the business banking and payments space in Australia was low on innovation and competition.

Ben had always been passionate about starting a local company that offers a genuine alternative to outdated business banking, so as the opportunity became clear, he assembled a team of like-minded and passionate people to make it happen. From there, the first green shoots of Zeller started to grow.

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that starting a new business is no easy feat. Ben is no exception. He and his three co-founders supported each other from the get-go, through the thick of the ‘build’ phase, and continue to motivate each other now. They worked together to connect with investment partners in the early stages of set up, which was instrumental to their success.

Having those investors on board from such an early stage provided a unique insight into their business as they grew. He’s incredibly proud of his wider team as well, and is certain they’re in a great place for what lies ahead for the company.

Ben admires Victoria’s incredible diversity and sense of passion, and credits Melbourne’s local entrepreneurial spirit with inspiring him to launch and build his own business. Watching so many founders embark on launching and building their own businesses, he could see that a solution like Zeller would be beneficial to thousands of Australian businesses.

Ben knew that Victoria would be a great place to launch his business, and it was. Despite challenges like starting the business at the beginning of 2020, just before the start of the pandemic, they’ve grown across the country, and Ben plans to take Zeller to more global markets.