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Tixel started here

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29 Mar 2023 by LaunchVic News

When Tixel founder Zac Leigh was turned away from a much-anticipated Tame Impala gig at the entrance to Sidney Myer Music Bowl, he was shocked to discover the tickets he had purchased were fake.

Sitting in his St Kilda apartment after the show, it dawned on him that no existing website ensured an easy and safe ticket resale process for gig-goers. He turned his frustration into action, deciding music-lovers deserved one, and he’d be the one to create it for them.

Neither Zac nor his co-founders came from tech backgrounds. So in order to develop the most effective and user friendly app and website, they reached out to lots of other founders and advisors in the startup ecosystem, many of whom were happy to help. Zac recognised early on that starting a company isn’t a walk in the park – it takes a lot of trial and error, and learning from mistakes – so having other founders to talk to was pivotal to Tixel’s success.

Zac credits his co-founders, family, and partner with the encouragement he needed to keep going, even when the startup journey was challenging.

The pay off has been worth it. Now that Tixel is so integral to Victoria’s music scene and beyond, Zac gets a kick out of going to a good live show or festival and knowing he and his co-founders helped enable that experience for others in the crowd.

He loves the local music scene and food & drink culture in Melbourne. He says Melbourne is the live music capital of the world, and gives us the stats to prove it. Thanks to Tixel, now the masses can have some peace of mind buying the tickets they need to experience it.