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Hatch Quarter started here

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30 Mar 2023 by LaunchVic News

Hatching Victoria’s most exciting startups – How startup accelerator Hatch Quarter is doing it different

Aiman Hamdouna, Hatch Quarter

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Aiman Hamdouna has always been excited by building and growing businesses, but he couldn’t predict his own venture would actually be dedicated to helping others to thrive.

During his study and career journey, Aiman spent time as a student advisor, helping others to find courses that matched their personal skills and goals.

Combining his business capability and personal experiences as a migrant, Aiman had the idea for Hatch Quarter – a dedicated startup support network that aims to unlock international talent in Australia via inspiring work environments, expert-led training and mentoring support.

Providing for startups at all stages of their journey, Hatch Quarter programs are designed to help navigate the challenges of a constantly evolving startup ecosystem. They offer participants strong technical and business expertise and access to a wide range of experts across various fields, including its global expert network.

Aiman believes what sets Hatch Quarter apart is they recognise the “importance of diversity and inclusivity in building a thriving startup ecosystem” which is why they actively work to promote it in all of their programs.

Soaring to new heights

Aside from having one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world, Aiman explains why Victoria was the perfect place for Hatch Quarter to be born.

“Victoria is an emerging hub for startups with its supportive ecosystem, wide range of accelerators and incubators, leading research insitiutions, world-class infrastructure and transportation networks,” he said.

Aiman also credits the support of LaunchVic, who he’s grateful to have developed a long-standing partnership with since receiving a competitive grant in 2017.

“LaunchVic have provided Hatch Quarter with ongoing support, enabling us to take risks, experiment with new ideas, attract additional support and increase awareness of our programs”.

Get taken under the wing

Hatch Quarter and LaunchVic are about to take their partnership to the next level.

“The Startups Start Here campaign is a great opportunity for us to increase visibility and awareness but more importantly, we hope it encourages aspiring Victorian entrepreneurs irrespective of their backgrounds or expertise to bring their ideas to live – and seek out important support while doing so”.

“It’s great to be part of a campaign that celebrates Victoria’s passionate and diverse ecosystem and is focused on fostering the potential of startups that can support the ecosystem to thrive.”

Hatch Quarter is also preparing to kick some new goals, with their current focus on “connecting Australian technology ventures with more global markets and also attracting global technology ventures to Australia”.

They’re also working to streamline program offerings to democratise startup support and make it more accessible.