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Great Wrap started here

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29 Mar 2023 by LaunchVic News

Great Wrap founder, Julia and Jordy Kay

Great Wrap founders Julia and Jordy Kay, both environmentally conscious nature lovers, found themselves using too many waste materials in their respective careers for lack of better options, and spent a lot of time looking for alternative sustainable materials that just weren’t out there.

Inspiration struck one afternoon at the beach, and the pair decided to do something more meaningful with their lives – for the planet, and for themselves. Lovers of the ocean, the plastic waste problem felt like a fitting one for them to tackle.

Developing a compostable cling wrap made from food waste was sure to be a challenging journey. At the very start, Julia and Jordy connected with likeminded partners by reaching out to their network. Their idea caught the attention of many, and now they’re backed by a slew of incredible people and businesses around the world.

They’ve grown their team from just two to over 30 bio-designers, engineers, strategists, and scientists, pulling from Victoria’s network of talent.

Julia, Jordy, and their team are working toward putting an end to petroleum-based plastics. Their customers and their appreciation for the work Great Wrap is doing for the environment keep them going every day, as do their team members.

The Kays love so much about Melbourne. The food and restaurant culture, the proximity to nature and the ocean, and of course, the amazing people.