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Alice startups join forces to support working parents

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11 May 2023 by Holly Clark

Last Updated: Thursday 11 May, 2023

Having a career and being a parent are not mutually exclusive.

That’s why Alice Anderson Fund Portfolio startups Circle In and Milkdrop have joined forces to make the transition back to work that little bit easier for breast-feeding and pumping parents. 

Up to 200,000 Australian women every year will need to navigate pumping at work, but despite it being such a common experience, Circle In GM Liz Fox said a lack of support can leave new parents questioning their return to the office, costing organisations in lost productivity, recruitment and training.  

“Some parents even delay their return to work because there is little to no support in place to pump. The thought of having to pump in a communal toilet or being in fairly intense pain because a meeting ran long and you’ve not had a chance to express…nightmare!” she says. 

Circle In and Milkdrop have developed a unique educational program for managers, bringing together Milkdrop’s expertise and customer research in developing products designed to revolutionise the pumping experience, and Circle In’s caregiver employee benefits platform.  

Since launching Milkdrop in 2021, Founder and engineer Alex Sinickas has conducted extensive research into the pain points for pumping parents.  

She said that for every ten women who pump, seven report pain and discomfort, and managing this at work just adds to the challenge. 

“Some research has found that the biggest factors impacting a parent’s ability to pump at work includes being able to find a private and safe space, feeling unprofessional and self-conscious, and feeling judged,” she said.  

“All of these things are well within the power of employers and managers to address, and provide parents returning to work with an inclusive and supportive environment.” 

Managers and employees can access the educational content series at, and Milkdrop breast pump cushions are available for $49 each or $83.30 for two at 

To learn more about the Alice Anderson Fund’s support for startups like Milkdrop and Circle In, visit our website here. 

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