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AirRobe started here

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29 Mar 2023 by LaunchVic News

AirRobe founder Hannon Comazzetto

The world of fast fashion has needed an antidote for a long time.

AirRobe founder Hannon Comazzetto leveraged her unique insight into the fashion world to create one, during her time working as a strategy consultant for leading fashion houses. She was able to easily pinpoint gaps in the industry and identify the needs of the modern consumer, and set out to address both things.

A Deloitte survey Hannon read at the time showed that purpose-driven companies were growing three times faster than competitors, and she knew why, having seen first-hand the detrimental environmental and ethical impact of the fast fashion economy.

So while some questioned her decision to leave her corporate job to start her own venture, Hannon was confident her circular fashion platform idea would go far.

And she was right. Hannon hit the ground running with AirRobe, finding support from angel investors and mentors early on, as she went through the Startmate program.

She attended events in Melbourne, had follow up coffees with entrepreneurs and investors she’d met, and made strong connections that led her and her business to other startup communities.

In fact, the startup network Hannon became a part of helped propel AirRobe all the way to San Francisco, where Hannon now works and resides.

Although she’s based in the US now, Hannon talks fondly of Melbourne’s one-of-a-kind food and drink scene, and the buzz that it evokes. She loves that there is always a new cocktail bar or bakery to discover nearby. She misses Melbourne coffee every day and will miss it for a while longer as AirRobe works to secure a foothold in the global market, and aims to power the global circular economy en masse.

When asked about her proudest moment so far as a founder, Hannon quotes Steve Jobs. Jobs once said ‘Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you”, and Hannon feels that she’s done just that putting together her team – a smart move by a savvy businesswoman.