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Startup Genome Melbourne Startup Ecosystem Report


Last Updated: Tuesday 8 May

A new in-depth report on Melbourne’s startup ecosystem has found that tech startups–off the back of a rapid growth period–have the potential to generate up to $4 billion to the Victorian economy if there is continued investment in the local ecosystem.

Startup Genome’s ‘Melbourne Startup Ecosystem Report’ commissioned by LaunchVic has shown that Melbourne’s startup ecosystem is growing at a rapid rate given its current size.

With approximately 1,100 tech startups in Melbourne and an overall ecosystem value of $1.6 billion, the City has benefited from an increase in early-stage funding, ranking in the top five globally for early-stage investment growth.

As Melbourne’s ecosystem grows and achieves stronger global status there is the potential to add $2.5 billion in value – according to Startup Genome’s methodology used to measure the startup ecosystems of over 40 cities around the world.