MedTech Actuator

The Melbourne-based MedTech Actuator – with offices in Melbourne and Singapore – is a seed-to-Series A accelerator for MedTech, HealthTech and BioTech startups. Through intensive mentorship, industry collaboration, and capital raising support, you can achieve in 15 months what can typically take 3 years or more.

Funded through LaunchVic's eighth funding round, this program will accelerate up to 40 startups. The MedTech Actuator is also providing a gateway for clinical professionals to become integrated into a healthcare-focused angel network.

Accelerator Program Details

Program LocationMelbourne, accepting startups across APAC (Online delivery during COVID-19)
Industry FocusMedTech, HealthTech, BioTech
Length of Program15 months
Application PeriodJuly
Program EngagementThe first two phases (months 1–6) consist of 3–5 days of each month in sprints and off-sprint time. During non-sprint weeks participants are free to work on their startup full-time. Phase 2 culminates in a demo day, which is then followed by 9 months of self-structured, intensive growth in preparation for Series A funding.
Venture StagePre Seed, Early Stage, Series A
Program Cost %5 equity
Investment StructureParticipants are eligible for up to $200,000 investment in return for up to 20% equity, equating to 1% equity for every $10,000. Investment is typically split into two tranches. The first tranche of $50,000 happens at the beginning of the program while the second tranche of up to $150,000 is triggered after meeting certain predefined milestones. Investment is optional for accepted startups.
Desk SpaceLocated at the Victorian Innovation Hub (Not available during COVID-19 restrictions)

Visit The MedTech Actuator website for further program and application information.