Playbook Angel Network

Playbook Angel Network received funding through LaunchVic's 'Support For Angel Networks' funding round to establish a new Angel Network in Victoria.

The Playbook Angel Network investment thesis will be focused on founders and companies solving the following big five questions of the future:

  • The Future of People: What are solutions that solve the needs of individuals? e.g. solutions that support the creator economy
  • The Future of Connectivity: What are solutions that help people connect as individuals or through businesses
  • The Future of Health and Well Being: What are solutions that help improve our health and wellness in the future
  • The Future of Efficiency: How does technology change the way we operate across a spectrum of industries
  • The Future of the Planet: What are important solutions that address the needs of the planet e.g. solutions focused on climate change

The network aims to recruit at least 60 angel investors, and support at least 11 investment deals into Victorian startups with a cumulative investment of $2.8 million over 2 years.

Visit the Playbook Angel Network website for more information.