Lean Products, Sustainable Businesses: By Cogent

  • Product Development

    Melbourne & Online

As part of Cogent Campus, this 10-module program will teach founders how to build thriving digital businesses by mastering their product development process.

Delivered by Cogent’s senior product, design and technical team, you’ll learn about the tools, techniques and templates that you can use in your business immediately in order to streamline your product delivery and make it more effective.

Who is it for?

This course is specifically designed for time-poor startup founders and executives (CEOs, COOs, CTOs etc) with a digital product or service. While those who come to all sessions will get the most value, we everyone’s journey is different, so participants can dip in and out as they need support in different topics.

What will you learn?

Founders will be taken on a journey to build their big idea into a product users love and VCs want to invest in. You’ll learn how to determine product/market fit, what it takes to get a product to its initial release, how to develop it into an industry leader, and how to streamline your processes as you grow.

What is offered?

This course covers 10 topics, which are explored through monthly face-to-face masterclasses, monthly video Q&A sessions, online resources, founder interviews and a private Slack community. Cogent will be running the program twice over the course of 18 months. All parts of the program are free of charge

How to book

Registrations for the Lean Products, Sustainable Businesses course are managed directly through Cogent. Please follow the link below to register via their website, or sign up to a waitlist.

Who is Cogent?

Cogent work with founders and teams to turn great ideas into thriving digital businesses. They have spent the last ten years figuring out how to build better digital products, quicker. Now, they use this know-how to help startups get ideas off the ground and grow them into digital products that users love.