Boab AI Accelerator

Boab AI received funding to establish Australia’s first scaleup accelerator and investment program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology companies to help founders scale their businesses globally.

Boab AI will partner with Artesian and world-leading experts in AI to deliver the program, which will be sector agnostic.

The investment program will see up to $300k invested per AI Scaling Startup from secured private investor capital. And in addition, Boab AI will establish and raise a new VC Fund with a target of $50 million to provide ongoing investment support for AI Scaling Startups.

Boab AI will help position Victoria as a leading destination for AI technology within the Asia Pacific region attracting the best talent, investment and AI expertise.

Accelerator Program Details

Program LocationMelbourne, accepting startups from around the globe (Online delivery during COVID-19)
Industry FocusArtificial Intelligence
Length of Program26 weeks
Application PeriodJune - October
Program EngagementTailored finance, marketing, PR, investment, sales, technical and infrastructure support, regular mentoring and hands on assistance as well as an international investment tour (the tour is not running during COVID-19 restrictions)
Venture StageScaling Startups
Program Cost $30,000
Investment Structure$330,000 in exchange for company equity based on an individual valuation for each team and opportunity for to access up to $5M follow-on funding.
Desk SpaceNot Available

Visit the Boab AI website for more information.