Scaleup Your Career

Victorian Scaleup Companies Want Unicorns

Do you have unicorn magic in you? It takes a certain type of person to work for a scaleup. Victoria’s scaleup community is on the hunt for individuals that can bring that magic to the table. Have you got what it takes?

  • A SOLID BODY of tech experience behind you

  • YOU NEED A SHARP INTELLECT for simplifying complex problems

  • GROWTH MINDSET to thrive in a high growth environment

  • QUICK AND AGILE to adapt to constant change

Our research showed that 38% of scaleups identify finding the right talent as an issue and only 42% of Victorians know what a scaleup business is.

In 2019 LaunchVic created the Scaleup Your Career campaign to encourage participation in Melbourne's booming scaleup sector.

The campaign aimed to introduce Victorians to the career possibilities of working in the startup ecosystem, redefining the perceived risks and highlighting that you don’t need to be a software developer to work at a startup or scaleup”.

The visual transformation of a workhorse into a unicorn underpinned the creative campaign, a representation of breaking free from the corporate mould and leaping into a new world of opportunity.